This site is not meant to be one more site about educating labradors, etc., nor is it a mean to sell our dogs.

The first reason why we wanted to create this site was to share our database with other labrador lovers all over the world. We also wanted to help people answer questions like:

  • What colors will have the puppies if the parents are black and maroon?
  • My dog has a C rating for dysplasia. What does it mean?
  • I'd like to know the pedigree of my dog on more than just 4 generations.

Our database has about 40 000 dogs from 1878 to 2001. It is a kind of window onto the past, but also on the future of labrador breeding. This base should allow people to:

  • trace pedigrees of 4 and 6 generations;
  • find childrens, sibblings and half-sibblings ;
  • sort dogs by color, origin, etc. ;
  • find the major bloodlines.

Like every database, this one will remain usefull only if it is regularly updated. So, if you would like to see a dog added to the base, you can fill in the form provided. If you find mistakes in the data, please e-mail us. We'd be pleased to read from you. The more people get involved in the database, the more interesting it will be.

The site was born from the encounter of:

  • A dog lover: Philippe. He came with the database as an Excel file and a loadful of information on Labs.
  • A computer enthusiast: Thomas. He thought he could turn it all into a website worth seeing (for lab lovers, of course).

As for the programming, it was done using a lot of PHP, a free module of the free Apache webserver, which allowed to insert the data of a (free) MySQL database. We thank our Internet Provider Free who provided us with all these OpenSource softwares. The developpment was done under Linux, the free operating system !

And now it's yours to play !
Have a good surf.

Thomas Lanternier and Philippe Canal

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