Children of Ming

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Answers 1 to 10
M 1936 F.T.W. Badgery Shot Ming Badgery Ivory
M 1936 F.T.W. Colwill Caesar Ming Knaith Bent
F 1936 F.T.W. Detmore Gin Ming Twite
F 1936 F.T.W. Middy Ming Twite
F 1937 F.T.W. Whiston Ming Ming Whiston Jetty
F 1937 F.T.W. Krinkle Of Benann Ming Velva
M 1937 F.T.W. Zelstone Big Ben Ming Knaith Burn
M < 1940   Hardwick Buff Ming Peggy Dalby
F < 1940   Folkingham Susan Ming Folkingham Sally
M 1944 AM:CH: Chevrier Lion Ming Pat Of Symington

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