Children of Air Express

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Answers 1 to 11
F < 1970   Royal Oaks Kennebago Shadow Air Express Royal Oaks Ducka
M 1972 F.T.CH: Trieven Thunderhead Air Express Wanapum Twiggy
M 1976 F.T.CH: Itchin' To Go Air Express Stillwater Peggy
M < 1977 DUAL:CH: Trumarc's Triple Threat Air Express Sunburst Blackfoot Nell
F 1979   Haverhill's Jet Jennifer Air Express Puget Power Bay Archer
M < 1980   South Bay Shazam Air Express Wanapum Miss Conduct
M < 1980 F.T.CH: Wanapum Sky Shooter Air Express Wanapum Miss Conduct
F < 1980   Royal Oaks True Blue Air Express Big River Flicka
M < 1980 CH: Wyndcall's Water Sprite Air Express Wyndcall's Wild Shamrock Honey
F < 1980   Sala-rica Alana Air Express Roscrea Direct Threat
F < 1986   Air Raider's Abducktress Air Express Raider's Kansas Pscyclone

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