Male bloodline for Del Tone Colvin

M 1957 F.T.CH: Del Tone Colvin Cork Of Oakwood Lane Del Tone Bridget
M 1951 F.T.CH: Cork Of Oakwood Lane Coastal Charger Of Deer Creek Anoka Liza Jane Of Kingdale
M 1946   Coastal Charger Of Deer Creek Little Pierre Of Deer Creek Marvadel Cinders
M 1943 DUAL:CH: Little Pierre Of Deer Creek Hiwood Mike Tar Of Arden
M 1935 GB:F.T.CH: Hiwood Mike Pettistree Dan (badgery Jan) Pettistree Poppet
M 1934 F.T.W. Pettistree Dan (badgery Jan) Banchory Painter (l'ile Buster Bill) Quest Of Wilbury
M 1930 DUAL:CH: Banchory Painter (l'ile Buster Bill) Peter The Painter Glenhead Bess
M 1928 F.T.W. Peter The Painter Ledsham Peter Dinah (non Enregistre)
M 1921 GB:F.T.CH: Ledsham Peter St. Mary's Donson Dalbeattie Rose
M < 1917   St. Mary's Donson Ilderton Ben Dungavel Dido
M 1909 GB:CH: Ilderton Ben Col Boswell's Bobby Thomson's Nell (non Enregistre)
M < 1907   Col Boswell's Bobby Smiler Athole Lass
M < 1905   Smiler ? ?

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