La lignée des mâles de Wadebrook Gentleman Jim

M < 1948   Wadebrook Gentleman Jim Midas Of Metesford Leveredge Heatherbelle
M < 1936   Midas Of Metesford Cornblade Of Metesford Cocoa Of Metesford
M < 1948   Cornblade Of Metesford Joker Of Metesford Ivory Of Gloamin
M < 1946   Joker Of Metesford Liege Of Metesford Jean Of Sydhope
M < 1944   Liege Of Metesford Liddly Jonquil Juliette Of Metesford
M 1931 CH-GB Liddly Jonquil Tar Of Hamyax Delyn Of Liphook
M 1924 CH-GB Tar Of Hamyax Toi Of Whitmore Sunshine Of Yaxham
M 1922 F.T.W. Toi Of Whitmore Tyg Of Whitmore Bute Of Trentham
M 1919   Tyg Of Whitmore Tracker Of Whitmore Thelma Of Whitmore
M < 1915 C.C.W. Tracker Of Whitmore Brayton Swift Nell Of Whitmore (non Enregistre)
M 1905 CH-GB Brayton Swift Brayton Sir Richard Kidson's Betty (non Enregistre)
M 1899   Brayton Sir Richard Netherby Tar Craw's Nell
M 1894   Netherby Tar Lord Verulam's Sweep Netherby Esk
M 1889   Lord Verulam's Sweep Lord Grimston's Sancho Lord Grimston's Scandal
M 1880   Lord Grimston's Sancho Netherby Kielder Lord Grimston's Susan
M 1872   Netherby Kielder Netherby Boatswain Netherby Nell
M < 1870   Netherby Boatswain ? ?

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