Male bloodline for Shelcot Sue

F < 1952   Shelcot Sue Shelcot Pride Of Madeley Pudleston Judy
M < 1950   Shelcot Pride Of Madeley Staindrop Saighdear Hoyse Of Helperby
M 1944 DUAL:CH: Staindrop Saighdear Glenhead Jimmy Our Lil
M < 1941   Glenhead Jimmy Kinpurnie Kam Knappies Lass
M 1936 GB:CH: F.T.W. Kinpurnie Kam Orchardton Donald Kinpurnie Kate
M 1934 GB:CH: Orchardton Donald Ingleston Ben Orchardton Dawn
M 1926 GB:CH: Ingleston Ben Duke Of Kirkmahoe Ingleston Nancy
M 1924 F.T.W. Duke Of Kirkmahoe Withington Banter Kirkmahoe Dina
M 1922 GB:CH: F.T.W. Withington Banter Withington Bream Holford Freeder
M < 1916 GB:CH: Withington Bream Withington Dorando Withington Jess
M 1912 GB:CH: Withington Dorando Peter Of Faskally Manor House Belle
M 1908 GB:F.T.CH: Peter Of Faskally Waterdale Gamester Birkhill Juliet
M 1906   Waterdale Gamester Sherfield Spratt Waterdale Twinkle
M 1900   Sherfield Spratt Munden Sixty Munden Scottie
M 1897   Munden Sixty Buccleuch Nith Munden Sarah
M 1891   Buccleuch Nith Buccleuch Avon Buccleuch Gip
M 1885   Buccleuch Avon Malmesbury's Tramp Malmesbury's June
M 1878   Malmesbury's Tramp ? ?

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