Male bloodline for Carry On At Diant

F < 1975   Carry On At Diant Diant Concord Lowna Blanche Of Meuxstead
M < 1973   Diant Concord Diant Marker Diant Jaysgreen Julie
M < 1968   Diant Marker Diant Renrut Marker Sally Of Onehouse
M < 1966   Diant Renrut Marker Zelstone Tramp Renrut Gran's Memory
M < 1957   Zelstone Tramp Bench Zelstone Leap Year Lass
M < 1957   Bench Knaith Banjo All Gold
M 1946 DUAL:CH: Knaith Banjo Poppleton Golden Russet Knaith Brilliantine
M 1939   Poppleton Golden Russet Poppleton Golden Major Poppleton Golden Dawn
M < 1937 GB:CH: Poppleton Golden Major Poppleton Black Lancer Gold Gleam Of Poppleton
M 1934 GB:CH: Poppleton Black Lancer Haylers Danilo Hawlmark Twilight
M < 1932   Haylers Danilo Banchory Danilo Boris De Main
M 1923 GB:CH: F.T.W. Banchory Danilo Banchory Bolo Munden Scarcity
M 1915 DUAL:CH: Banchory Bolo Scandal Of Glynn Caerhowell Nettle
M < 1913   Scandal Of Glynn Peter Of Faskally Shelag Of Glynn
M 1908 GB:F.T.CH: Peter Of Faskally Waterdale Gamester Birkhill Juliet
M 1906   Waterdale Gamester Sherfield Spratt Waterdale Twinkle
M 1900   Sherfield Spratt Munden Sixty Munden Scottie
M 1897   Munden Sixty Buccleuch Nith Munden Sarah
M 1891   Buccleuch Nith Buccleuch Avon Buccleuch Gip
M 1885   Buccleuch Avon Malmesbury's Tramp Malmesbury's June
M 1878   Malmesbury's Tramp ? ?

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