Male bloodline for Dochfour Dirge

F < 1944   Dochfour Dirge Dochfour Dick Dochfour Dinah
M < 1942   Dochfour Dick Pompey Of Hinwinck Dochfour Dora
M 1934 F.T.W. Pompey Of Hinwinck Knapwell Pavenham Sara
M 1929 F.T.W. Knapwell Cheverells Piper Bertha (non Enregistre)
M 1921 F.T.W. Cheverells Piper Knaith Monkboy Peche Melba
M 1919   Knaith Monkboy Britz (non Enregistre) Mealie
M < 1917   Britz (non Enregistre) Mannie Swan's Nell
M < 1910   Mannie Ben Of Hyde Velvet
M 1899   Ben Of Hyde Radclyffe's Neptune Tapper's Duchess (non Enregistre)
M 1892   Radclyffe's Neptune Montague Quest's Sweep Radclyffe's Nell
M < 1890   Montague Quest's Sweep Malmesbury's Sweep ?
M 1877   Malmesbury's Sweep ? ?

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