Male bloodline for Jill Of Winscales

F < 1931   Jill Of Winscales Trot Of Whitmore Ashes
M < 1929   Trot Of Whitmore Transport Of Whitmore Taint Of Whitmore
M 1920 GB:F.T.CH: Transport Of Whitmore Tattler Of Whitmore Teazle Of Whitmore
M 1917 GB:CH: F.T.W. Tattler Of Whitmore Tutor Of Whitmore Twilight Of Whitmore
M 1919   Tutor Of Whitmore Brayton Swift Touch Of Whitmore
M 1905 GB:CH: Brayton Swift Brayton Sir Richard Kidson's Betty (non Enregistre)
M 1899   Brayton Sir Richard Netherby Tar Craw's Nell
M 1894   Netherby Tar Lord Verulam's Sweep Netherby Esk
M 1889   Lord Verulam's Sweep Lord Grimston's Sancho Lord Grimston's Scandal
M 1880   Lord Grimston's Sancho Netherby Kielder Lord Grimston's Susan
M 1872   Netherby Kielder Netherby Boatswain Netherby Nell
M < 1870   Netherby Boatswain ? ?

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