About the database

The database has to this day 67115 labrador retrievers of all times and 5257 Kennel's names'.

Each dog may have:

  • a name
  • titles
  • a sex
  • a color with the genes it carries
  • a birthdate
  • the names of its father and mother
  • HIP score are not available

Remarque :

  • (kennel name) after a name means that the dog is born in this kennel but don't wear this name
  • / "kennel name" after a name means that the Dog is the property of this kennel

It is only possible so far to:

  • sort the dogs by name , by date, by color and by country
  • edit a sheet for each dog with its 4 generation pedigree and other information
  • edit its 6 generation pedigree
  • look for the male bloodline of any dog
  • look for the children of any dog
  • look for the sibblings and half-sibblings of any dog

Each Kennel may have:

  • Kennel's name
  • Breeder's name
  • web site (if there is one)
  • statistics
  • the list of the dog from this kennel in the database

It is only possible so far to click on a dog and edit his file...

Have a look at statistics about the population of the database.

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